I feel really hopeful and determined to push myself this new year.

Now that I've launched my website, have merchandise available on my online store, and am streaming weekly on Twitch, I feel I can start visualizing and planning for 2021.

For the sake of this blog post, I'm calling the documents I've created a Vision Board Manifesto (VBM) for the year. It's a document I upload visuals to and write affirmations to help me manifest the year ahead of me. 2020 was a very unexpected year for me. Unexpected in the ways that my travel plans were cancelled, the establishments I worked at had to close due to the pandemic, and cancellations of scheduled events and gigs I had booked. Unexpected also in the sense that I learned to live stream, learned about new platforms like Twitch, and about the equipment needed to get a sweet stream going.

Given the nature of last year, and seeing how the city of Los Angeles is currently enforcing Covid-19 regulations etc. I am approaching how the VBM a little differently.

Instead of making generalization of the year head, I want to contribute to my 2021 document monthly as opposed to just in the beginning of the year. Today I set it up, and after I publish this post I plan on filling in for January. I want to write down my goals for the month, add some fotos and inspiring words to remind me of the direction I want to be going. The clear my vision is, the better I am at attaining exactly what I need and want.

Do you do something similar to my VBM? Would you try my technique out? I wanna know!

Leave me a comment and I'll get back to you soon!

Many blessings to you and your families.

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